Free Flower Clip Art

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A set of 81 super-useful hand drawn watercolor flower brushes/PNG images. It took me ages to draw these brushes so hope you like them!

Use it for whatever you want, just don’t forget to give credit!

Please let me know what you think of my brushes, what other brushes you might want and anything else.

Download the file from the links bellow:

Link 1 – Dropbox – Flower Clip Art 1

Link 2 – Mediafire – Flower Clip Art 1

Thanks all of you for the kind words and support. The success of this pack inspired me to create a second flower clip art that you can download here.

  • Angie Baldelomar

    Oooh! These are great. Good job. 🙂

    • thesmellofroses2

      Thanks alot! Always feels good to get a complement 🙂
      Stay tuned as there will be more coming!

  • Gorgeous brushes. Thank you so much! Anymore watercolor style brushes in the works?

    • Anna Zverkova

      Yes some more coming very soon, i pained some for easter but didn’t have the time to process them. What kind pf watercolours would you like?

    • thesmellofroses2

      There is one set awaiting processing, and more planned for the future.

  • Cully Barbosa

    i had to wait for the download to finish and check them out. Then I went to the calendar. Surely it must be Christmas! *grins!* Seriously, they are wonderful. You are a very nice person to share these wonderful flowers. Thank you.

    • thesmellofroses2

      Thanks for the support. It was a pleasure to draw them, but the real fun is to see that it makes people happy.

  • These are absolutely stunning! I am madly in love with water color digital art! Thank you for working so hard on these and I will be sure to give you credit to your website if I use them! You should set up a Pay Pal Donate now button, I would surely send some love your way! =) Blessings, Racheal

  • Khaled Sulaiman


  • These are exactly what I’m looking for! They are beautiful! I can’t wait to use them with my blog design. Thank you!!

    • thesmellofroses2

      You’re so welcome! So glad that you like them.

  • Debs

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful water colour flowers, they are beautiful. Dx

  • Vicky Torrillas

    Thank you!

  • Sam

    What do you call the type of font used for the words : WATERCOLOR

  • d28studios

    These are lovely! Thank you so much.

  • Kaaren

    I adore your work and appreciate it so much. But with both of the Watercolor elements downloads, it reads with a .part extention. How do I open a .part file. I have never heard of a .part file. Please help and thank you again.

    • thesmellofroses2

      Hi Kaaren, .part file means that you download was not completed. Please try downloading again.

  • Kaaren

    Thank you. I’m been computing for years but never crossed the .part extention. Learn something new every day. Got it!

  • cinderella

    wow..i love it ..

    thank you

  • Anna, I wanted to thank you for these beautiful images! And also, I wanted to share with you the link to some free floral goal setting printables I made with them:

    Thank you again, and a SWEET 2016 to you!

    • These images came out rather big, I wanted them to be small thumbnails. I can’t figure out how to edit the images though.

  • Lauren Partlow

    I absolutely love your blog and all of the things you have created! Do you have a commercial license so that I can use these for my etsy products? or give attribution to you?
    Thank you for you hard work!

  • Hayley Breshears

    Hi! I love it! But I can’t seem to find the ABR files, All I can find are the PNG files. Help? Thank you!

  • Celes de Luis

    i absolutely love your designs, super LOVELY. and it make my personal blog look awesome, thank you very muchh~ wish you have a nice day, xoxo.

  • Thank you 😀