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pink rose, rose Mortimer Sackler, rose Ausorts, English rose in Queen Mary's Rose Gardens

Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens is one of the most beautiful places to see in London and enjoy the unmistakable smell of roses. This rose park is the most abundant rose garden in London. Surprisingly roses growing in the garden are not well documented. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden does not have a map of rose plantings, so it can be hard to make sure that you saw all of them during your visit or recall the name of the rose that you liked in the garden after your visit. So I created the complete list of roses growing at Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens in 2022.

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Best rose blogs, top 10 rose blogs, blogs about roses, websites about roses

Not everyone has the time or resources to sift through hundreds of gardening forums and gardening blogs in order to find the top 20 great rose blogs and other online resources dedicated to roses. That’s why I have curated this list of twenty of the very best rose-related blogs for rose lovers. All of these are great places to start your rose adventure or learn more about your favourite flower.

magnolia blossom in London, magnolia blossom in Notting Hill, magnolia Photography, pink magnolia, magnolia tree

Spring is just about to burst out people! How good is that? I feel like with spring on the horizon, and Covid cases dropping that things might start feeling a little better here in London. One thing I am certain of is that London in Spring is a sea of Cherry Blossom and Magnolia. For a few weeks, the city turns pink before the petals rain down on the streets signalling warmer days ahead. Aside from parks and gardens, here are some of my favourite places to see Magnolia blossom in London.

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Best rose gardens uk, British rose gardens, rose gardens in the UK, English roses, rose gardens, where to see roses in the UK

There’s a wealth of splendid rose gardens to visit across Britan that can offer inspiration for planting and designing in your very own romantic rose garden. From the classic gardens such as Great Dixter in East Sussex to more contemporary styles such as Bury Court in Surrey, there is a rose garden for every taste and style. Here are 50 great rose gardens to visit in Britain to see garden roses at their very best. Roses are at their peak in the UK from May till mid-July and there is no finer place to see them than in these great rose gardens.

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how to dry roses, ways to dry roses, preserving roses, how to dry flowers

How to preserve roses and other flowers is an important question, because a flower isn’t always just a flower—it is often connected to memories you don’t want to forget. If you are not sure what to do with your Valentine’s Day flowers after the holiday or want to commemorate blooms gifted to you on a special date this post is for you.  In this blog post, I’ll share my top 5 best ways to dry roses so they last forever.

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Books about roses, rose books, rose book, rose library, best books about roses, top 10 rose books, garden roses and books, flower arranging, rose gardening

I personally own and love all of these books about roses! At a time in history when we supposed to have everything we need accessible by google, insightful information about roses is still hard to find on the internet. Plus there is something magical in being able to open a gorgeous book to get the information you need. The inspiration, information, and knowledge that I’ve gained from these books about roses have been amazing! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! If nothing else, they make gorgeous coffee table books and can hopefully inspire you to plant a rose or two!

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the scent of roses, rose fragrance, rose perfume, rose scent, history of rose scent, history of rose fragrance, the smell in roses, white spray rose

We love roses for many reasons. They are beautiful, they symbolize love, and no other flower’s scent can compare to that of a rose. If you love a rose, you have to love its fragrance too. That’s why it’s hard to believe that, in the 20th century, fragrance was not a key priority in commercial hybridizing. The history of rose popularity and commercialization sheds some light on how the scent of roses disappeared from so many modern roses.

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List of famous rose breeders, prominent rose breeders, rose history, famous rosarians, notable rosarians

Here’s a detailed list of famous rose breeders known for their particular contributions to the field. I hope this will be beneficial in discovering a little more history behind the rose flowers we all love.

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Rose White O'Hara, rose Ohara, white Ohara rose, white garden rose, rose smell, scented roses

All roses are beautiful but rose white O’Hara has the full package – beauty, fragrance, and long vase live. It buds a mix of raspberry-cream and green that fades to the palest white with a hint of blush in the centre as it begins to unfurl, fading further as it opens into a frilly white ruff of a rose. The petals are cupped initially, then reflex to reveal curls of inner petals and occasionally the merest hint of gold stamens. The flowers, which reach around  12 cm in diameter, are born on long, thorny stems, which are the only downside.  O’Hara’s blooms have a glorious fragrance – a honeyed Old rose with notes of sweet fruity scent.

stop and smell the roses, what does it meant stop and smell the roses, rose smell, rose phrases

“Stop and smell the roses” is an idiom that means to relax; to take time out of one’s busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life. Whether you think of “stopping to smell the roses” as a metaphor, or an actual act of admiring roses, the benefit is the same. Slow down and appreciate the world surrounding you is the message.