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Today let’s have a look inside “That Flower Shop”. I featured a stunning arch design by florist Hattie Fox of That Flower Shop around this time last year. And a short while ago I traveled to Shoreditch and visited Hattie’s flower shop. This blog post features images of the inside of her shop which are magnificent and a bit quirky.

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Photographing flowers against a black background is easy and this setup will give you unique images compared to images taken against a white background. Black backgrounds work for all colors, they’re elegant, hide shadows and do not draw the viewer’s attention from the flowers. In this blog post, I will explain how to take photographs of small objects against the black background.

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Ever wondered why your Instagram feed never lives up to your own expectations? What follows is a list of tips that will help you get the results you have always wanted. Want to know how to Instagram like a pro then read on.

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watercolour cakes

Hello, friends! I’ve been working hard today to bring you a new watercolor pack. My flower watercolor packs have been downloaded many times, and after seeing the success of it, I thought I’d make another watercolor freebie. You guys seem to enjoy it! This one is dedicated to Cakes and all thing sweet, because cakes always make me feel happy, just like flowers. I hope that this watercolour cakes pack will brighten your day.

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It’s amazing how versatile the flower balls are given how easy they are to make. Pomanders can be used for decoration, as chair decor, hanging balls or bouquets. They are the easiest to make using only one flower variety. I used spray roses in my project as they are ideal for this (for a different look try using dahlias or carnations).

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One of the best things about living in London is that you are never too far away from a secret garden. Luckily most of these are not private but are open to the public. Here is a list of 10 that I love.

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Today I am happy to share another Freebie. This time, it’s Stock Images of Pink Roses. I just love David Austin Roses and want to share their beauty with the world. Hope you will find it useful.

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People may argue about the main highlight of the Hampton Court flower show 2016. Some may say that it is a butterfly house others may point out to their favourite garden, but for me, it was Roses Marquee and roses throughout the show. And judging by what was in people’s trolleys I am not the only one.

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A simple guide to DIY wreath with fresh flowers

It is so easy to create your own flower arrangement at home, so there is no need to just live with a floral design that does not feel right. It is a common thing among beginners to think that in order to succeed in the floral craft you need a formal training, but in reality, floristry is one of those fields where you can get great results by only knowing a few main techniques and by going where your inspiration takes you.

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cut garden roses, david austin roses, english roses, why garden roses so expensive

In the last couple of years fresh cut garden roses have become a big sensation in the world of blogging, flower and wedding magazines and floral news. And since then have become a must have in luxury wedding bouquets and popular Instagram feeds such that today it may feel like they are everywhere. Now it is hard to imagine that this fantastic rose has almost disappeared from the world. And was only recently brought back to floristry by breeder David Austin.