Scented Garden Rose White O’Hara

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All roses are beautiful but rose white O’Hara has the full package – beauty, fragrance, and long vase live. It buds a mix of raspberry-cream and green that fades to the palest white with a hint of blush in the centre as it begins to unfurl, fading further as it opens into a frilly white ruff of a rose. The petals are cupped initially, then reflex to reveal curls of inner petals and occasionally the merest hint of gold stamens. The flowers, which reach around  12 cm in diameter, are born on long, thorny stems, which are the only downside.  O’Hara’s blooms have a glorious fragrance – a honeyed Old rose with notes of sweet fruity scent.

Rose White O’Hara: Fragrance

New modern cut roses feature hardly any trace of scent. This is because most commercially grown flowers have had their scent gene genetically removed to increase their durability and longevity. In contrast, Rose white O’Hara features the finest aroma. This rose is an exception to the rule. White O’Hara roses have their scent gene firmly intact just as nature intended!

White O’Hara Garden Roses are magnificently aromatic and will bring that touch of a sweet fruity smell to any bouquet and setting! The scented garden rose white O’Hara is very fragrant (5 stars out of 5), it is often referred to as the most scented wedding rose.

Rose White O’Hara: Colour and shape

Often referred to as “the romantic wedding rose” or “English Roses, its nostalgic shape will create a striking statement and it looks like peonies! 

The premium scented garden rose white O’Hara is a large white rose, with a slight ivory tinge at the centre, that opens up fully in a quartered way. While the name of this variety is called “white O’Hara” the petals of this beautiful garden rose has a touch of pink and light green on petal edges that gives it a blush tone.

The scented garden rose white O’Hara has a more traditional rose shape but is filled with layers and layers of petals that give a wonderful rose scent. Rose white O’Hara would be perfect to use in bouquets or centrepieces for a romantic garden wedding or mix with pinks for a charming coffee table decor.

Rose White O’Hara: Vase life

It is hardy to ship and its vase life is extraordinary. A perfect white garden rose that is truly fragrant!

In most cases, the flowers are harvested 3 days before it arrives at your house, for this reason, they can last between 5 and 8 days in vase or arrangement. If you put this rose in a vase straight after it has been cut it can last up to 14 days.

Hint: Cut and hydrate O’Hara roses for 1 hour BEFORE removing cardboard wrapping.  This ensures that their heads are upright when re-hydrating so they do not slump over.

If you fancy you can have this rose in pink colour, rose O’Hara is widely available in white and pink colours. You can read more about premium scented garden rose ‘Pink O’Hara’ here.

Details – White O’Hara Rose

Other names: Delfumblanc
Shape: Quartered cup
Colour: Ivory-blush/pink
Petal Count: 60-65 petals
Breeder: Georges Delbard
Fragrance: Strong scent with fruity notes
Vase Life: 6 to 10 Days