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Today I am happy to share another Freebie. This time, it’s Stock Images of Pink Roses. I just love David Austin Roses and want to share their beauty with the world. Hope you will find it useful.

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People may argue about the main highlight of the Hampton Court flower show 2016. Some may say that it is a butterfly house others may point out to their favourite garden, but for me, it was Roses Marquee and roses throughout the show. And judging by what was in people’s trolleys I am not the only one.

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A simple guide to DIY wreath with fresh flowers

It is so easy to create your own flower arrangement at home, so there is no need to just live with a floral design that does not feel right. It is a common thing among beginners to think that in order to succeed in the floral craft you need a formal training, but in reality, floristry is one of those fields where you can get great results by only knowing a few main techniques and by going where your inspiration takes you.

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cut garden roses, david austin roses, english roses, why garden roses so expensive

In the last couple of years fresh cut garden roses have become a big sensation in the world of blogging, flower and wedding magazines and floral news. And since then have become a must have in luxury wedding bouquets and popular Instagram feeds such that today it may feel like they are everywhere. Now it is hard to imagine that this fantastic rose has almost disappeared from the world. And was only recently was brought back to floristry by breeder David Austin.

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This year the House of Hackney decided to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show, and went big with it. They pretty much hosted an alternative flower show at the store, called the Bloom room. Over the weekend of the 28th May, their award-winning flagship store was transformed into a curated in-store oasis showcasing the best budding florists and growers along with some of the most exciting heavy weights of the scene. Featuring floral installations from such florists as That Flower Shop, Palais Flowers, Scarlet & Violet, The Flower Appreciation Society and Rebel Rebel.

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organic flowers, UK flower market , slow flowers, British flower week 2016,  The Real Flower Company

It looks like organic flowers are back and they are here to stay. It is still true that UK flower production is lower than what it was in the 80’s, but let’s not overlook the growing popularity of locally grown flowers. British flower growers have been enjoying a renaissance with a continuous growth in demand for home grown flowers in the last five years, and it looks like this trend is only likely to continue.

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Flower Carnaval takes over London,  Chelsea in bloom, 2016, RHS chelsea 2016, Carnaval, Rio, London, Hackett

Last week was a very special one here in London as the town was transformed into a big flower Carnaval because of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

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The smell of roses, rose fragrance, why roses smell, rose Edith, David Austin roses, blog the smell of roses,  rose scent

Roses are famouse for their smell, most people feel an urge to smell them when they see them, but do we really know what makes up the smell of roses? If you are like me, you probably did not pay much attention to the smell; with the only exception being when you are trying a new perfume with the rose aroma in it or the real flower is missing its scent. The proliferation of fake rose scents as in my opinion displaced the smell of roses in many people’s minds. So let’s look at what exactly gives roses their distinct smell and why so many modern roses are missing the fragrance.

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most instagrammable places across the London during the Chelsea flower show, chelsea in bloom, belgravia in bloom,  RHS, 2016, fenwick,

Make your Chelsea flower show season even better with our best-kept secrets on London’s most Instagram-friendly destinations. Explore the ultimate list of the 6 most Instagrammable places across London during the Chelsea flower show.

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Reclaim lost RHS Ticket,  How to  get back your lost ticket for Chelsea flower show, 2016

So your Chelsea flower show ticket got lost in the post, what do you do now?. It is easier to solve this problem than you think, just read on.