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Peony Pink Rose, peony rose, garden rose, pink garden rose, fragrant roses, peony alternative, peony replacement

Peonies and garden roses are both gorgeous flowers, though when it comes to decoration and flower arrangement it can be hard to choose between them. But don’t worry! The peony pink rose variety has made this debate obsolete, the breed combines the best aspects of the two flowers, the peony’s high petal count and the large size of the rose, the result is a dense, soft peony-like look.

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Instagram has more than 600 million active users – this is double the U.S. population, yet, only a few manage to look Instagramable. So how can you improve your photography and get a more photogenic feed on Instagram? The secret is simple, start taking lighter and cleaner photos with High-key photography. What follows is a simple guide to lighter photography with the High-key technique for a DSLR camera.

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Mythbusters: care for cut roses the right way!

Keeping your cut flowers fresh for longer is a very common problem and a lot has been written about it. However, finding something that actually works is complicated as so few articles are objective and not just click bait or product promotion. Today I will share with you tips on how to care for cut roses that actually work.

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What do roses really smell of, rose smell, not all roses smell the same, rose perfume, Kiera rose, David Austin roses, wedding roses, vintage looking rose images

Believe it or not, not all roses smell the same. Only very sensitive noses can sense the difference between a rose in full bloom and a rose that’s still a bud or between a Bulgarian and a Damask rose. You will be surprised to find out the variety of smells roses can have, largely a result of breeding during last century, there are now many exciting and fresh smells.

How to photograph flowering trees, spring bloom, apple tree, pink apple tree

Spring arrived in London and flowering trees are now in full bloom and the ones that aren’t will be very soon. It is a great time to practice flower photography as there are so many free photography opportunities. Below is a guide on how to photograph flowering trees. That will help you to get high-quality images that won’t disappoint.

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Victorian flowers and their meaning, meaning of flowers, the language of flowers, flower language meanings,

In the Victorian Era, a proper etiquette among the upper class in England was totally different to modern days one and those restrictions gave rise to flower language. At that time there were many rules and customs that no longer exist; People were expected to be more subtle: outright flirtations were prohibited, and questions about relationships were taboo. Most of it will fill a bit odd those days, but it was mainly based on simple good manners. Inability to express your feelings freely created a culture where secret messages were conveyed through the flower language.

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What do florists do with unsold flowers, flower trade, what happens to unsold flowers, rose pink ohara on white background

When you browse the array of flowers on display in a flower shop, you might wonder what happens with unsold flowers. The answer is not that simple, unsold flowers are used for various purposes. Read on to find out all the possible usages and find out how to get a good deal at your local florist.

SEO for florists, seo tricks for florists, seo for bloggers and other creatives

We all know floristry is a cut-throat business, this is even truer online. Competition is fierce and few businesses are successful. So what can you do to stand out? While SEO is not the only answer it’s a great start. What follows is a simple guide to SEO for florists.

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The A - Z Guide to boutonnieres, DIY Boutonniere, HOW TO PIN ON A BOUTONNIERE,

The best way to practice flower arrangement is to start small, boutonnieres are very easy to make and provide a result that could actually be useful. For this craft it is highly recommended to use hardy flowers such as roses or orchids; they can survive the summer heat and being worn for a day. Here’s a simple guide on DIY boutonnieres.

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When dealing with images the cliche’a picture is worth a thousand words’ is worth repeating. Good imagery forms a fundamental part of professional design, it helps attract people to your website and even convince them to return. But not everyone is a photographer and few achieve good results without all the equipment. This freebie is the answer to all your problems. A pack of matching red rose imagery that will help you get a professional look for your blog or business. What are you waiting for? Click read more and download Stock Images of Red Roses now – link at the bottom.