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Rose Baronessse, Rose Baronesss, bright pink garden rose

Rose Baronesse is a variety of classic Old Rose that outshines most bright pink roses with its beauty. What makes this variety extra special is that unlike conventional pink cut roses, Baronesses large blooms open virtually flat when fully open and form extremely blousy blooms that exude the natural character and charm of old garden roses.

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Rose quicksand, elegant beige rose

Quicksand roses are one of the most thought after bridal blooms. Each of these beautiful flowers features an elegant light beige colour that looks especially stunning when paired with dusty greenery. This rose is the perfect choice for a rustic look as it will add a pop of lush florals without over the top effect, so other blooms will still be noticeable. If you are on the look for an elegant rose look no further.

mobile flower photography

When you come across a beautiful flower it is more than likely that the only camera you have available is your smartphone. Regrettably, many photographs being taken on phones turn out to be poor. On some occasions, it could be blamed on lower quality cameras – but more often it is a result of poor photographic technique. So how do you take Instagram-worthy pictures with your smartphone? What follows is a list of simple tricks that will take your mobile flower photography to the next level.

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Watercolor poppies, watercolor flowers free download, high quality drawings free, floral clip art

Another fabulous freebie for all you lovely flower lovers out there – Watercolor Poppies. Included are the 30 floral images of poppies and greenery.

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Rose Cafe Latte, Scented Cafe Latte brown roses, Scented rose Cafe Latte, Rose Caffe Latte, Rose Latte

You know our coffee obsession has gone too far when even roses are named like Starbucks drinks. Meet Rose Cafe latte; a very unusual rose with a unique ethereal colour of copper bronze, opening fully with a light vanilla scent.

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Old Garden Roses, all about old garden roses, guide to old garden roses

Rose classification can be quite puzzling at a time when there are over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars, created by crossing species of roses. So it is quite common to see a rose being mislabeled, especially old garden roses. Read on to learn all about old garden roses classification and their history. So if someone asks you about antique roses you’ll know what to say.

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Rose Shimmer a perfect blend of elegance and durability, cut roses, floristry roses, peach ecuadorian rose

Rose Shimmer is another very pretty, large, greenhouse rose with the hint of the garden rose look and fascinating blend of colours. Its flowers come in a pink-peachy colour with a hint of yellow in the centre. Such colour combination produces glow like effect, almost as if the rose shines with a soft tremulous light. A semi-informal array of ruffled petals and a high rise cup are another top feature of the rose, which makes it look a bit like a garden rose. So if you are on the lookout for show stopper rose in peach colour that would be able to withstand everything that life throws at it, Rose Shimmer is a perfect choice.

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Perfect pink roses: O'hara and Avalanche

Pink is the colour we most associate with roses. A classic symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often presented as a token of admiration and appreciation. Whatever is the message you can convey it with pink roses as there are so many shades of pink. Pink tones range from softest blush pink to pure rose pink, right through to bright magenta pink. Indeed, there is no other colour among roses that offers the possibility of so much variation and so a pink rose bouquet will create a bright spot in a special someone’s day. If you want to show gentleness and admiration then O’Hara and Avalanche are your perfect roses.

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Ghobi Rose, cut ecuadorian roses, pink garden looking roses

The Peach Ghobi rose makes a perfect choice for the floral arrangments with a romantic flair and a note of vintage look. This rose demonstrates the pure perfection of the greenhouse cut rose at its best by combining the durability of commercial cut rose with the superb ruffled blooms like in many garden roses.

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Octavia Hill rose, Roses named after famous people

Just this year David Austin launched 3 roses named after people, so it would not come as a big surprise that there are many roses named after famous people. If you are deciding which varieties of roses to plant in your garden, you can choose ones named after your favourite celebrities or American presidents.