How To Change The Color of PNG's In Photoshop

Changing the color of images in Photoshop so easy, you can do it in a minute. This little handy trick can save you a lot of time as there is no need to draw that same shape again when you need it in another color (or to pay for another download). I use this trick a lot in my clip art and other digital art when working with hand drawn images and not with vectors. In an ideal world every digital image would be a vector as it is much easier to work with, but when you’re working with hand-drawn images the vector files are usually non-existent. Read on for a step by step tutorial on how to Change The Color of PNG’s In Photoshop.

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free hand-painted watercolor backgrounds, free watercolour textures, splotches, pink texture free

Following the success of my watercolor flowers, I decided to create I pack of free hand-painted watercolor backgrounds and splashes that could be used with the flowers or on their own.

These FREE ombre watercolor backgrounds were designed for anyone who wants to add a little watercolor goodness in a project. The download includes 20 PNG images with transparent backgrounds at high resolution. Inside the pack, you will find 5 PNG watercolor backgrounds and 15 PNG splashes.

Top 10 Best Mobile Apps to Turn you into a Pro, photo edit apps, photography apps, flower photography, apps for flower photography, edit photos like a pro

Great photographs are so important today, no matter what you are trying to achieve with them. Even if you are taking them for yourself and not looking for internet fame, I bet you are still aspiring to take great shots that would make your friends go wow. Apps have come such a long way in ease of use and capability since Photoshop, read more Top 10 Best Mobile Apps to turn you into a Pro

setting image temperature in Photoshop, white balance correction in Photoshop, flower photography, image correction, image edditing

It is starting to get dark earlier and so getting the perfect light will be harder, but there is a solution that does not involve flying to a sunny country. As always Photoshop is here to help! it does not matter which version you have since they all support temperature adjustment. So let’s see how to temperature correct in Photoshop in seconds.

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why flowers smell

It is easy to think of the smell of flowers as being designed for humans. But the real story is more complicated and has almost nothing do with us. If you want to know why flowers smell keep on reading.

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It’s been a while since I last created a print freebie, so today I am giving away a magazine template. The idea first came to me while reading The Economist; the brilliantly typeset pages (by Erick Speakermann) make me nostalgic for the days of print, modern-day blogging can lack the character and readability of a well type-set page. The Rose Magazine freebie contains an Indesgin and a MS Word version. Click more to get the template.

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In this post, I’m happy to feature photos of Grandirosa Floral Design Studio’s wedding flower designs at Brides The Show, which took place in London this month.

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It’s difficult to style flowers in a wide vase without them all leaning out to the rim. But here is a lifehack that solves the issue.

Florists have various techniques for fixing flowers in a place like chicken wire, flower frogs, and foam. However, this is not something that you can find at home when presented with a bunch of flowers. Since most of us don’t keep floral foam and another florist supplies.

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How do florists add flowers to arrangements with little space? How do they manage to attach flowers together with their stems? This is mainly being achieved with the help of wiring and taping skills. In today’s article, I will explain how to wire flowers like a florist.

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Brides the Show is taking place from September 30th to October 2nd 2016 at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. This wedding show is one of the best in London and so deserves a visit. It’s a perfect one-stop shop for brides-to-be. The place is bursting with inspiration for a perfect wedding! But could also be interesting for everyone who loves flowers, craft tutorials, and cute things.