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More than a Valentine’s day cliche, roses are the most loved flower in the world and with good reason, these flowers are astonishingly versatile. They come in a stunning array of shapes, sizes and shades, making them a favourite in yards and gardens around the world. Whats more Roses are edible frequently enjoyed by the ancient Romans and Egyptians. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more fascinating facts about this astonishing bloom.

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After blossom and wisteria, London moves on to the next big botanical bloom — roses. In the capital rose season normally runs from mid-May through to August, with various colours and species flowering across London. I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors over the last few years exploring the city’s green spaces and trying to locate the best rose spots in the city. To share them with you, today I bring you The smell of roses guide to the best rose gardens and other rosy spots in London.

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Are you eager to see London with Magnolias in full bloom? 
Throughout the months of March, April and May, thousands of magnolia trees across London and all over the UK bloom in different shades of white and pink, bathing the capital in pastel colours. Whether you’re looking for a magnolia in a specific shade or for one that is the closest to you, I have rounded some of the most Instagramable magnolia trees in the capital for you to enjoy.

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Holland Park - Rose Garden, Rose fairy, Fairy Rose, Perle Rose , Holland Park roses

Holland Park is a public park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in west London. It has a reputation as an affluent and fashionable area, partially due to the neighbourhood and partially due to a variety of landscape designs used within the park. The park is best known for Kyoto Garden and has 3 distinct parts: semi-wild woodland, garden areas, and the sports ground. But it’s true gemstone is its small rose garden.

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Rose Carmeline, spray rose with fragrance, perfume rose, pink rose, pink garden rose, new garden rose variety

Pink Rose Carmeline features a stunning blend of pink petals that will leave you breathless but after you smell it you will definitely fell in love with it. A ruffled, bubbly pink center eye delicately fades to a creamier pink that will make this rose the absolute perfect accent flower for your arrangement! These lovely blooms have an incredibly high petal count and a whirly, swirly center. What is not to like here.

Early Spring in London - Elizabeth Street in Belgravia

If you are like me and tired of winter, hoping for an early spring in London, you are in luck. While the weather, birds and bees haven’t quite caught up yet, there is a place in London where spring has sprung. In Belgravia, there is a pretty little street in London called Elizabeth Street, where spring is quite positively bursting from the seans!

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Caramel Antike Rose, yellow garden rose

If you’re looking for a statement rose with a mountainous dose of glamour, the Caramel Antike rose is a stellar choice. Its mix of yellow and apricot colours is the epitome of elegance, with light vanilla edges making way to darker center. Grown in Colombia, these blooms have a giant, full-petalled cups. They feature a slight to medium fragrance and are the perfect garden rose for a romantic wedding bouquet or arrangement.

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Rose Bellevue

Rose Bellevue is a stunning Bi-colour rose that displays exquisite blends and contrasts of colour. Its flowers are mainly pink which fade to green closer to edges, with guard petals (outer petals) being more on the green side. Such coloration adds great interest to the rose and makes it a beautiful cut flower.

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Pink Piano Rose, fucsia rose, bright pink garden rose, cut garden roses

There is something a little special about piano roses – unusual shape of their blooms. All piano roses have pompon like buds which later on develop into big lush cupped blooms. The deeply cupped flowers of the rose are usually accompanied by side shoots that normally have smaller buds on them. Such unusual structure and its bright pink colour make Pink Piano Rose a great addition to any bouquet as it brings its old garden rose charm as well as adds more volume than a standard single-head rose.

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Rose Baronessse, Rose Baronesss, bright pink garden rose

Rose Baronesse is a variety of classic Old Rose that outshines most bright pink roses with its beauty. What makes this variety extra special is that unlike conventional pink cut roses, Baronesses large blooms open virtually flat when fully open and form extremely blousy blooms that exude the natural character and charm of old garden roses.