The National Wedding Show

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Rose, The National Wedding Show

A few months ago I went to the National Wedding Show to check out what’s fashionable in the world of wedding flower arrangements. I got to know about this show through an advert on the tube. Posters were literally everywhere and being a novice in the world of weddings I assumed that it was a really big deal!

So I bought 2 tickets for me and a friend and waited for the weekend. In the meanwhile my expectations grew quite a bit. So by the day of the show I was expecting at least 300 stands and really big brands. This case taught me that high expectations of the event can ruin the actual experience.

The show overall was an exciting experience, but it was not quite as sensational as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

At the door, we saw a beautiful installation of two flower trees with logs and moss on the floor right underneath them. I would say it was my favorite flower arrangement of this show.

The National Wedding Show, Rose, log

The National Wedding Show, Rose, Astrantia Maxima

The National Wedding Show, Rose

Moving inside we saw a stand with some nice decoration where I took a few nice pics.

The National Wedding Show, Flower, flowers

The National Wedding Show, dahlia

Then we walked around the various stands featuring wedding dresses and cakes, as there were more of those than flower related stands. I loved how the cakes from Le Papillon Patisserie looked like, though never had a chance to try.

The National Wedding Show, cakes, Le Papillon Patisserie

The National Wedding Show, Rose, cake, cakes, Le Papillon Patisserie

I would also note that the owners of some stands were quite desperate to promote their businesses and assumed wrongly,  that every single female attending must be a bride or at least a bridesmaid, and there I was a blogger totally not looking for a dress or cake or wedding venue. I am really  grateful to all the nice sellers who allowed me to photograph their lovely stands.  But a bit confused why some people in this business would put “no photography signs”. Can some let me know what’s the reasoning behind it?

Let’s get back to the flowers.

The National Wedding Show, Rose, Roses, Dahlia

The National Wedding Show, Rose, flowers, flower

Bellow you can find photographs of a nice stand arranged by Waterbaby.

The National Wedding Show, Rose, Swan vase, Waterbaby

The National Wedding Show, Rose, Flowers under the dome, Waterbaby

The National Wedding Show, Rose, Waterbaby

The National Wedding Show, Rose, Waterbaby

The National Wedding Show