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In the Victorian Era, a proper etiquette among the upper class in England was totally different to modern days one and those restrictions gave rise to flower language. At that time there were many rules and customs that no longer exist; People were expected to be more subtle: outright flirtations were prohibited, and questions about relationships were taboo. Most of it will fill a bit odd those days, but it was mainly based on simple good manners. Inability to express your feelings freely created a culture where secret messages were conveyed through the flower language.

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Botanical structures by Carmen Almon, blue flowers with a baterfly

Recently I discovered a fantastic botanical artist Carmen Almon and decided to share her designs with you as they are truly fantastic. Her botanical structures may look fragile but they are tougher than they look.

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My other passion is guinea pigs. I had piglets for many years and they always managed to make my life a bit better. Those little balls of fur have almost magical powers to bring fun and spread cuteness. So I decided to combine two of my favourite things in one post in order to achieve perfection.