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Ghobi Rose, cut ecuadorian roses, pink garden looking roses

The Peach Ghobi rose makes a perfect choice for the floral arrangments with a romantic flair and a note of vintage look. This rose demonstrates the pure perfection of the greenhouse cut rose at its best by combining the durability of commercial cut rose with the superb ruffled blooms like in many garden roses.

Category: Cut Roses

Augusta Louise rose is the best garden rose, roses named after famous people, cut rose with shoots, salmon color rose, garden rose, fragrant rose, scented rose

Those looking for a garden rose with a wow factor need not look any further than the Augusta Louise rose. Her play of colours and a fruity fragrance make for a wonderful combination. What’s more this hardy rose lasts longer in bouquets and is easy to grow.  Let’s have a closer look at this fascinating cabbage rose.

Category: Cut Roses

Peony Pink Rose, peony rose, garden rose, pink garden rose, fragrant roses, peony alternative, peony replacement

Peonies and garden roses are both gorgeous flowers, though when it comes to decoration and flower arrangement it can be hard to choose between them. But don’t worry! The peony pink rose variety has made this debate obsolete, the breed combines the best aspects of the two flowers, the peony’s high petal count and the large size of the rose, the result is a dense, soft peony-like look.